Meeting People is Easy (encore!)

This summer marks 20 years since Radiohead unleashed their epochal art-rock masterpiece OK Computer on an unsuspecting world. Thom Yorke’s angst-laden lyrics painted a digitally disconnected age of unease marked by globalization, paranoia, and the wish that aliens would just take us away from it all (sounds about right). It’s precisely this mood of modern melancholy and isolation that documentarian Grant Gee expertly captured with Meeting People Is Easy, a cinematic counterpart so fitting it might as well be OK Computer: The Movie. Impressionistic and wildly experimental, Gee oscillates between film and digital, black & white and hyper-saturated color, double-exposure and time lapse, languid takes and stroboscopic editing to create an appropriately unnerving visualization of both the album’s themes and the band’s mental state. We get a fly-on-the-wall’s eye view as they dodge questions from journalists, hide out in hotel rooms, rehearse and undertake a recording session for an elusive (and still unreleased) song – all interspersed with incredible live performances and moments of naked candor.

Film preceded by a lovingly curated mix of vintage Radiohead favorites and rarities!

Dir. Grant Gee, 1998, 35mm, 99 min.