MAYSLES TRIBUTE WEEKEND: Maysles Rarities & Ephemera (Albert Maysles in person!)

“When Jean-Luc Godard calls you ‘the best American cameraman,’ as he did of Albert [Maysles], you know you’re onto something.” — Martin Schneider, Dangerous Minds

“When you first meet a subject, if your gaze is an empathetic one, you’re all set.” — Albert Maysles

Albert Maysles in person for a career-spanning Q&A! Today, viewing works of the pioneering duo Albert and David Maysles — in the age of reality TV, Snapchat and so many other forms of readily available documentation — is a liberating, emotional experience. They were two of the first filmmakers to bring feature-length non-fiction movies to the screen, with the triumph and tragedy of the Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter, the zany eccentricity of Grey Gardens, and the quiet human zoo of Salesman. And, their uncompromising “Direct Cinema” approach to capturing life as close to “real” as possible, without scripts, pre-planned scenarios or narration (in response to the French cinema vérité movement) spawned generations of worshipful followers. These keen observers of life’s rich pageant remain some of Cinefamily’s most absolute favorite film artists — and tonight we pay tribute with a selection of extremely rare, knockout Maysles shorts from the vaults, including Meet Marlon Brando (a shockingly hilarious 1965 account of Brando’s attention-wandering time spent on the press junket circuit) and Experiment On 114th Street (a gritty time capsule of a NYC ghetto block undergoing rehabilitation.)

Watch an excerpt from “Meet Marlon Brando”!
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