Matmos LIVE! (plus video screening by John Wiese)

Experimental electronic duo Matmos have consistently blended adventurous, highly conceptual techniques with danceable beats and a long line of fun collaborators (like Bjork, Marina Abramovic and Robert Wilson), in a near-twenty-year run of wondrous, unique stuff. Marrying the tactics and textures of musique concrète with the rhythms of electro-pop, M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel transmogrify found sounds like that of liposuction surgery, the pages of bibles turning, a frozen stream thawing in the sun and a churning five-gallon bucket of oatmeal into catchy, intelligent grooves that stick in the craw. Tonight, Matmos make Cinefamily their L.A. tour stop, as they play music from their latest album “The Marriage of True Minds”, inspired by the weird world of telepathy — all accompanied by original video projections. Elegant, heady, kaleidoscopic stuff.

Plus, at the top of the show, it’s a program of new video works by John Wiese, who, after years of making experimental sound works performed in all corners of the known world (including the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and NZ), turns to the medium of the moving image to explore how visuals can evoke the impression of sound. John just completed a successful residency at the Echo Park Film Center, and we’re stoked to have him.

Watch Cinefamily’s original traier for “Matmos LIVE!”