Manson (final encore, director in person!)

The most important filmic document from the entire mad Manson Family saga — unseen theatrically for decades, and screened from a rare 35mm print!Director Robert Hendrickson in person for Q&A after the show! Banned in the mid-’70s for being so incredibly awesome as to damage Squeaky Fromme’s right to a fair trial, this feature doc has the urgency of a breaking-news telecast, the emotional complexity of a sudsy soap opera, and the deep, dank evil of a classic chiller. The “Helter Skelter” murders shook the nation, ending the era’s Summer-of-Love vibe; this dynamic Pop Art portrait of the Family members’ head-spinning motives — told in their own words — is an incredible delineation of the facts for the uninitiated, and an unparalleled, fetishistic footage pile for the hardcore fans. The secret weapons: co-directors Robert Hendrickson and Laurence Merrick’s stockpile of guerilla 16mm evidence of goings-on at the Spahn Ranch, and the unprecedented intimacy they acquired with key players throughout the life of the Family. For the first time, you the viewer will immediately get why people become so obsessed with this entire sprawling mindfuck of a true-crime saga. Gutsy, beautiful work.
Dirs. Robert Hendrickson and Laurence Merrick, 1973, 35mm, 83 min.

Watch the trailer for “Manson”! NOTE: this trailer contains Cinefamily’s original showdates of May 17-21. This final encore takes places on June 2nd.