Maniac Cop 2 (director William Lustig in person!)

Finally, a sequel that doesn’t suck! The only thing better than William Lustig’s seminal urban terrorfest Maniac Cop is his Maniac Cop 2, which heads in the blissful direction where all good slashers should go — straight into the realm of the supernatural, as our undead psycho 5-O teams up with an equally menacing serial killer hobo! Featuring a gleefully over-the-top script by Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, God Told Me To) and direction by Lustig that comes at you at nearly every turn with its muscular effectiveness, this Part Deux is no cookie-cutter rehash of the original, for it’s a movie with more than usual on its undead mind: subversive anti-authoritarian themes, shocking violence, crazy twists and a joyfully sweaty/sleazy turn from pock-marked lothario Robert Davi. Add to that genre faves Bruce Campbell, Michael Lerner and the always-freakish face of Robert Z’Dar, and you’ve got the right to remain…dead! Don’t make us take you in for questioning; haul yourself into Cinefamily for a rare 35mm screening of this gem, with William Lustig in person!
Dir. William Lustig, 1990, 35mm, 90 min.

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