Manhattan (hosted by Andy Kindler!)

Every summer, Andy Kindler presents his much-anticipated “State of the Industry” address at the Montreal “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival. It is from these legendary “bite the hand that feeds you” take-downs of show business that Andy gained his reputation as the “comedian’s comedian.” We’re lucky to grab Andy from his busy touring schedule to get his take on Woody Allen’s love letter to NYC, Manhattan. “The first, and boldest, of Allen’s choices is Gordon Willis’s beautiful B&W cinematography — you can sense how much Allen and Willis care about every shot, every frame, every moment. Earlier in his career, the films Allen was praised for (Love and Death, Annie Hall) weren’t lauded as much for Allen’s confident direction as for his original and honest writing, but with Manhattan he achieved both. Added to Manhattan’s striking style is a wonderful story that’s both broadly comedic and emotionally sophisticated. His hero, Isaac, may just be another version of Allen’s neurotic, Jewish cinematic persona, but it’s the best, most fully realized and human version.” (Alamo Drafthouse)
Dir. Woody Allen, 1979, 35mm, 96 min.

Watch the trailer for “Manhattan”!
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