Maggie Lee's "Mommy" (w/ Maggie Lee in person!)

Co-presented by Cinefamily EXP & 356 S. Mission Rd. Gigi’s Underground opens at 356 S. Mission Rd on September 24th.

A memory palace built with an impressively exhaustive personal archive, Maggie Lee’s Mommy is a portrait of the artist before and after her mother’s unexpected death. With the detritus and accoutrements that accompanied coming of age at the turn of the century, Maggie Lee collages an essay film that plays like a blog, a family history that unfurls like the pages of a zine, and an elegy in the spirit of DIY culture. This is the artist’s first film, but it feels like one she’s been preparing to make since her suburban New Jersey childhood, propelled by the compulsive, frenetic, rhizomatic collecting and archiving that accompany growing up alongside the World Wide Web.

Dir. Maggie Lee, 2015, digital presentation, 55 min.