Made In Austin Sunday BBQ (feat. Last Night At The Alamo)

Sunday BBQ Kickoff – 4:00pm

Join us for a lazy Sunday afternoon of video rarities, ping-pong and other backyard patio hangout activities before the film! As well, the Barbie’s Q truck will be here for all your meat-’n-fixins needs! Then, it’s time for…

Last Night At The Alamo – 5:30pm-ish

Eagle Pennell, in just a handful of films – Hell of a Note, The Whole Shootin’ Match and Last Night at the Alamo –- lionized those laconic dreamers improbably balanced between ambition and nostalgia that have become Austin’s civic identity, the kind of epic underachieverdom that Slacker later turned into an anthropological treatise. In Alamo, a shaggy dog buddy comedy about a Houston bar scheduled for demolition come sunrise, Lou Perry and Sonny Carl Davis star as a homegrown Mutt and Jeff — Perry as the lanky Claude, who spends most of his time feeding excuses to his wife into the payphone, and Davis as the sawed-off Cowboy, the local hero who, in an allegory of the real Alamo, defends the bar’s honor against the proprietor of the Mexican restaurant next door in a tequila-drinking contest. Working from a script by Kim Henkel (co-writer of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and shot in a gauzy black-and-white by Gus Van Sant’s cinematographer Eric Alan Edwards (My Own Private Idaho), Eagle’s woozy testament to the comically disenfranchised is part stationary western, part self-medicating rodeo, where the heroes ride barstools and pray they can hang on until last call. Schedule permitting, the afternoon’s screening will be introduced by Richard Linklater!

Watch an excerpt from “Last Night At the Alamo”!