LUST: The Wild Party

Live Set by DJ Mean Mr. Mustard

It’s frivolities and finger waves galore in “It” girl Clara Bow’s first talkie, The Wild Party, a subtly Sapphic tale of a wily group of college girls more interested in “the study of man” than the learning of actual anthropology. Lone 1930s’ lady-filmmaking wolf Dorothy Arzner’s first foray into sound immediately welcomes us into a giggle-filled parlor, to gossip and laze about with Stella Ames (Bow) and her confident, popular social circle at an all-girls school in Anytown, USA. Nowhere is there a hint of the impending Black Tuesday crash and its widespread economic devastation; instead, The Wild Party playfully flirts with the consequences–and ultimate rewards–of being the type of girl who’ll do “anything for a thrill” in her lust for life and loving affection.

Dir. Dorothy Arzner, 1929, 35mm, 77 min.

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