Love Sounds

Co-presented by Veggie Cloud & Penny-Ante Editions

We will be passing out complimentary Valentine’s Day treats at this show: champagne & chocolate-covered strawberries!

What better time than Valentine’s Day Eve for a tour through the annals of love, at the LA theatrical premiere of Love Sounds! Filmmaker Masha Tupitsyn pieces together les mots d’amour from the films that constitute our understanding of narrative romance, in an affective history of love built by the voices of our truest love here at Cinefamily, film. This “sound poem” cycles through the arc of narrative romance (desire, fights, love, break-ups), with carefully curated selections of audio clips from the most amour-driven of films, much like an aurally-driven version Christian Marclay’s The Clock.

“While much emphasis has been placed on the visual iconography of love, with the exception of music very little attention has been given to love as an aural phenomenon since the tradition and practice of amour courtois. Love Sounds, a 24 hour sound poem and audio-history, dematerializes cinema’s visual legacy and reconstitutes it as an all-tonal history of critical listening.” —Masha Tupitsyn

Cinefamily presents the 4 hour cut of the film.

Dir Masha Tupitsyn, 2015, 245 mins.