Love Actually

How to describe Richard Curtis’s Love Actually? As a veritable who’s-who of British loneliness? “The 22% most discussed movie of 2003″ (Metacritic)? “Cloying, deceitful, and more or less irresistible;” “A highly engineered puffball;” “…A terrific film” (Rotten Tomatoes)?

Well, of this we’re sure: this yuletide-story-of-many-love-stories has all the warmth of a sentient ICYHOT hellbent on destruction and all the thrills of a 24-hour PBS holiday telethon, while casting its sugary spell so violently you’ll need a new pancreas by hour two. But can we complain? Love Actually is a noughties classic nobody asked for but everyone needs, with a star-mottled cast that includes Quai Gon Jin (Liam Neeson), Professors Trelawney and Snape (Emma Thompson, the late Alan Rickman), Hugh Grant, and Bill Nighy as an aged rock n’ roll legend.

If you need – like we all do, so desperately – to revisit a time of gel pens and “The Simple Life,” when Brexit was just a twinkle in some Oxford chum’s eye – join us for a special holiday screening of Harry Potter and the Twenty-Seven Meet-Cutes, also known as Love Actually.

Dir. Richard Curtis, 2003, DCP, 135 min.

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