LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Zany Miscellany 2

The Cinefamily archives run deep, and this month, Lost & Found Film Club takes you deeper still with a 16mm safari of uncategorizable shorts collected from estate sales, auctions, schools, libraries and beyond. Headlining Zany Miscellany 2 is the astonishingly strange and vibed out Isaac Asimov adaptation The Ugly Little Boy, in which a futuristic team of scientists regenerate a grotesque neanderthal baby from out of time! We’ll blow the dust of an ‘80s student film made with a cast of beetles, explore early claymation experiments, visit a circus sideshow, and who knows? — maybe even learn a thing or two. Taste the cream of the 16mm crop, as we cook up grilled cheese sandwiches on the back patio and screen rare treasures “from the vaults.”

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Zany Miscellany 2″!