Craving cartoons? Anxious for animation? We’ve been saving up a stockpile of celluloid silliness and stop-motion mayhem that’s guaranteed to inspire. From totally mod midcentury offerings by major studios like Disney & Paramount, to hand-painted experiments, crude claymation and cockroach-infested Canadian Jukeboxes– this shorts mix will rearrange your mind… one frame at a time. Anthropomorphic vacuum cleaners, plasticine pervs and wisecracking numerals await! We’ll even pull out a 1930s newsreel visit to the original Disney animation studios and some rarely screened Fleischer films from the dawn of the art form. And to keep things classy, we’ll also screen abstract experimental masterworks by Paul Glabicki and Oskar Fischinger. Best of all, the entire collection of shorts will be projected from original 16mm & 35mm prints. Ordinary animation? Forget it, film freaks, it’s Toon Town.

Watch the toon-erific “Juke-Bar”!
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