Come and get it! We’ve prepared a 16mm feast for the eyes with a full menu of shorts celebrating food on film. We’ve scoured our vaults (and pantries) to cook up a simmering “chef’s choice” mix of edible derangements with a splash of celluloid vinaigrette. Sounds tasty? We’ll savor the flavor of educational and ephemeral films that show where your favorite foods come from, how they’re prepared & served, how your body enjoys them, and how to set up that retro kitchen of your dining dreams. Craving cheesy commercials with an extra side of showmanship? School lunches? Junk food? Canned acting? Does the alien perspective whet your appetite? We’ve got the recipe. So come all ye masters of mastication and get this bona-fide buffet of short-order shorts while it’s hot. And may you never go hungry for vintage screen cuisine again!

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!