Lost & Found Film Club: SCHOOL DAZE
(A/V Geeks' Skip Elsheimer in person!)

Co-presented by the A/V Geeks Educational Film Archive

Lost & Found Film Club is Cinefamily’s monthly showcase of 16mm film oddities from the 20th century, and for this special “School Daze” edition, we’re proud to welcome a very special guest curator, Skip Elsheimer! As the world’s leading collector of classroom films and the founder of the A/V Geeks Educational Film Archive, Skip is a veritable “Dean of 16′s,” and he’ll take us back to school for a tour through the wide weird world of classroom classics. Expect an A+ assortment of hygiene hi-jinx, school bus safety scares, social engineering silliness, manifestos on lunchroom manners & much more. Don’t be tardy, ’cause we’ve prepared a double-stuffed gym locker’s worth of edu-tainment as unforgettable as that yearbook photo of your first big crush. Enjoy all the laughs of a school movie day, minus the acne, wedgies, and trips to the principal’s office. DJ set by Taylor 2000!

EXTRA CREDIT: We’ll be making sack lunches of peanut butter & jelly for the entire audience!

Watch our original trailer for “SCHOOL DAZE!”

Watch the ultimate self-image film, “If Mirrors Could Speak”
from the A/V Geeks Archive!
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