LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Our Disgusting Bodies

We’re working up a sweat and our film collecting glands are tingling with anticipation for the hygiene hijinks of “Our Disgusting Bodies”, Lost & Found’s latest 16mm shorts-tacular. We’ll get down into your pores and exfoliate your brains with a physical education that’s as gross as it is fascinating. Let your substitute phys-ed instructors Zena and Brendt guide you through a hormonal frenzy of vintage short subjects covering: boners, tampons, pelvic odors, VD, and that unexpected hair you’ve been developing. A reverently retro tribute to the revolting meat that constitutes our corpus, Our Disgusting Bodies will stick with you like acne on an adolescent fry cook. Don’t miss our finest “nocturnal emission” yet — catch it while you can!

Program Includes:
Linda’s Film On Menstruation (1974)
Some of Your Bits Ain’t Nice (1982)
Herpes: The New Sexual Epidemic (1981)
Song of the Godbody – dir. James Broughton (1977)
Mr. Tri-State – dir. Tom Palazzolo (1973)
Am I Normal? (1979)
Tooth Brushing with Charlie Brown (1978)

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