Lost & Found Film Club - Ornette: Made in America

In June, we lost perhaps our greatest living jazz musician in Ornette Coleman, whose records The Shape of Jazz to Come and Free Jazz forever altered the musical landscape. Thankfully, Ornette’s unique perspectives on modern music, the universe, and even Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes were captured by legendary experimental filmmaker & documentarian Shirley Clarke (The Connection, Portrait of Jason). Made In America combines rare 60’s footage with 80′s interviews, performances, and video effects for an idiosyncratic multimedia exploration as refreshingly unconventional as Ornette’s music. Featuring appearances by William S. Burroughs and Don Cherry along with revealing footage of Ornette and his son Denardo collaborating with an orchestra for Skies of America, Clarke’s camera captures a personal glimpse into the world of an oft-misunderstood genius well-known for his shyness. Originally shot on 16mm, this rambunctious rhapsody (Clarke’s final work) has been lovingly restored and blown up to 35mm for the ultimate viewing experience, a fitting tribute to Ornette’s lasting legacy.

“The place to go to unlock some of the most precious secrets of Ornette.” – Village Voice

“A free-form fantasia… The film itself is a species of jazz. It’s offbeat without missing the beat.” – CS Monitor

“It’s like organized disorganization, or playing wrong right. And it gets to you emotionally.” – Mingus

Dir. Shirley Clarke, 1985, 35mm, 85 min.

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