Lost & Found Film Club - O Canada!

O Canada, northern neighbor, short film haven strong and free, from far and wide we’ve gathered 16mm films for thee! The great white north produced some astonishing shorts we’re just crazy aboot, and tonight Lost & Found Film Club will dig deep into their archives to concoct a strange brew of maple syrupy masterpieces from the glory days of government-funded experimentalism. We’ll visit master animator Norman McLaren in his workshop, grab a bite at Montreal’s hottest health food store, cheer on an old-fashioned horse pulling competition, learn Eskimo printmaking techniques, and prance our way through 100 years of frontier living with the truly bonkers Ballad of Joe Caribou. These impressive miniature masterworks put U.S. documentaries and educational films to shame with their slice-of-life simplicity and poutine-powered local pride. See the rarities that the lower Americas have been missing out on. Sounds like a good time, eh?

Watch the trailer for “O Canada!”