Lost & Found Film Club: 4TH OF JULY POTLUCK BBQ!

We’ll supply the grill and some classic foodstuffs — plus IT’S A POTLUCK, so bring some grillables! Impress us!

Join us as we fire up the BBQ on our patio for a potluck and screen a proudly patriotic marathon of 16mm short films like it’s our national duty. Lost & Found Film Club, our monthly showcase of ephemeral, industrial, and educational 16mm films, is honored to salute some of the things that make this country great: Burgers? Check. Sparklers? Check. Amber waves of film grain from sea to shining sea? Double check. This Lost And Found program will cover such uniquely American themes as: Hawaiian vacations, used car salesmen, college drinking, and our national anthem — plus animation, children’s films, advertisements, documentaries & experiments. And, in true democratic fashion, we’ll have the audience vote to select a film that even we haven’t seen for viewing. This show promises more fun than the Indoor Plumbing Act of 1953 at a better bargain than the Louisiana Purchase. Come see what slipped through the splices and wound up in the Cinefamily’s 4th of July “LOST & FOUND!”

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Lost & Found Film Club: 4th Of July Potluck BBQ”!