LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: How to Be a Woman

For March’s “How To Be A Woman” program, we invite you to leave your Y chromosome at the door and get in touch with your feminine side with an estrogen-packed evening of ephemeral oddities sure to sync your cycles. It’s ladies first, and man, you will feel like a woman (and like it!) with puberty lessons, breast exams, feminism, claymation body consciousness, and some straight up girl talk. We’ll see a 1942 fashion show from Hollywood’s legendary Pickfair mansion, a new restoration of a Jack Smith drag performance, re-appropriated stag footage, the ultimate film on menstruation, the 1960 Miss Universe Pageant and more… Bonus: program includes an appearance by a REAL LIVE WOMAN! Note: Men will be serving free grilled cheese sandwiches.

Our Program:
1. Pickfair Fashion Show (1942)
2. The Color Of Love* – Dir. Peggy Awesh (1994)
3. Dear Diary: A Film About Female Puberty** – Dir. Debra Franco (1981)
4. To Be A Woman – Dir. Denis Maneri (1983)
5. Hot Air Specialists* – Dir. Jack Smith (1980′s)
6. Breast Self-Examination – Professional Research Inc. (1980)
7. The Woman When Sacred* – Dir. Walter Gutman (1986)
8. Miss Universe Pageant – (1960)
9. At 99: A Portrait of Tandy Louise Murch – Dir. Deepa Mehta (1974)

*Courtesy of Canyon Cinema
**Courtesy of the Oddball Film + Video Archive

Watch our original trailer for “How To Be A Woman” feat. “Dear Diary!”