Strange but true! We’ve rounded up a selection of our favorite independent documentary filmmakers for a slice-of-life celebration! The 16mm film format allowed for a new generation of highly mobile moviemaking on a budget, and the personal statements that emerged from early film schools brought america in touch with its unseen underbelly. Let’s give it a scratch. This is real life and it will real weird as we learn about plants, dance, drugs, punks, poops, tour guides, nudists, delicatessens & more.

Our all-16mm program of oddball documentaries includes:

*Jerry’s Deli – (1976) dir. Tom Palazzolo – A cold cut case of American salesmanship.
Full Circle – (1974) dir. Doris Chase – The pioneering multimedia artist describes her design process.
*Hard Core Home Movie (1989) dir. Greta Snider – Visit SF’s petting-zoo/theater/punk rock emporium The Farm.
*Sneakin’ N Peekin’ – (1976) dir. Tom Palazzolo. Two buddies attempt to bust in on an Illinois nudist colony.
**P – (1999) dir. Yuri A – A 6-minute history of shit.
*Observeillance – (1976) dir. Tyler Turkle – A guided tour down Florida’s Wakulla River. Without the river.
*God Respects Us When We Work, But Loves Us When We Dance – (1968) dir. Les Blank – The first ever “Love-In,” LA’s Elysian Park, Easter Sunday 1967.

+ Other Surprises!

Print Courtesy of: *Canyon Cinema **The Filmmakers Coop

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