LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Clowns, Mimes & Puppetry Crimes

Lost & Found Film Club presents a carefully curated hodgepodge of scattershot celluloid, packed as densely as library stacks and screening in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format — plus, grilled cheese sandwiches will be available! What began as an after-hours Cinefamily staff tradition is now our showcase of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films of the 20th century never intended to be seen on the big screen… until now. On any given Lost & Found night, the program may contain children’s films, social engineering and training films, advertisements, mental hygiene madness, animation, documentaries, student experiments, home movies on rusted reels — pretty much anything that isn’t a commercial feature film, accompanied by the velvety crunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. Come see what slipped through the splices. Did we forget to mention that GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES WILL BE AVAILABLE?!

January’s “Clowns, Mimes & Puppetry Crimes” program surveys our growing collection of shorts from the wacky worlds of pantomime and puppeteering. Step right up for a program of perfect pratfalls and strange novelty acts, plus some of the oddest puppets you’ve ever seen on the big screen. Highlights include the stop-motion experimental short Fat Feet (an aesthetic precursor to Forbidden Zone) and a silent Max Fleischer cartoon from 1928!

Watch our original trailer for “Clowns, Mimes & Puppetry Crimes!”