LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Choose Your Film Adventure!

Jump in the democratized stream of short film consciousness, where you’ll decide what hits the screen. We’re opening our archives and putting the programming in your trusted hands, intrepid audience, as we pair weird, wonderful ephemeral films for a vote before spooling up the selected 16mm marvels. Watch as our audience (always a healthy mix of tastemakers and troublemakers) splits into sects, leering and jeering over an all-killer, no-wrong-answers assault of accumulated reels. Bonds will be forged, impulses will be followed, and we’ll watch the bejeesus out of some real rarities. Here’s how it’ll work: Your hosts Brendt & Zena will provide a brief narrative introduction that will diverge into two thematic paths. We’ll take an audience vote of applause on which path to follow… and watch the strange 16mm short that corresponds. Expect nothing short of a 7-film, 90-minute journey through ephemeral film history. Daredevils or bank robbers? Travel film? Documentary or narrative? Who’s starring? Which country? When decade? Animal of choice? Pick your box-office poison from 256 possible combinations of short films and YOU will be the true hero of cinema!

Watch Cinefamily’s original trailer for “Choose Your Film Adventure!”