LOST & FOUND FILM CLUB: Zany Miscellany

Lost & Found Film Club presents a carefully curated hodgepodge of ephemeral, industrial, educational, and sponsored films packed as densely as library stacks and screening in the gloriously fuzzed-out 16mm format — plus, grilled cheese sandwiches will be available! This program may contain children’s films, social engineering and training films, advertisements, mental hygiene madness, animation, documentaries, student experiments, home movies on rusted reels — pretty much anything that isn’t a commercial feature film, accompanied by the velvety crunch of grilled cheese sandwiches. Come see what slipped through the splices. Did we forget to mention that GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES WILL BE AVAILABLE?!

This month’s program features COMMERCIALS STINK!: a scratch ‘n’ sniff Smell-U-Loid** experience commissioned by San Francisco’s Exploratorium. Commercials do stink — we all know it. But now, thanks to Lost & Found Film Club, you can smell it too. Take an odorous olfactory journey through vintage advertising on 16mm film, aided by some seriously funky scratch ‘n’ sniff cards that’ll give you a whiff of the featured products. Burnt rubber and Easy Bake cupcakes, anyone?

Plus: Choices (a hilarious ’80s film on college drinking), IBM corporate meeting films starring some of our favorite puppets (*wink*), instructions on how to use a 16mm projector, and much more!

** patent pending