Little Cigars

After burning her mob boss husband’s testicles with a cigar and robbing him at gunpoint, Cleo (played with spot-on Lady Macbeth-esque abandon by Golden Globe nominee/Playboy model Angel Tompkins) sets out to begin her new life as an anonymous waitress in an unknown town, where she meets two members of an all little people carnival troupe. They invite her to their show and she quickly realizes it’s a thinly veiled ruse to facilitate robbing customers, casinos, laundromats, and more—and she can’t resist getting in on the heist! This wildly funny take on the romantic outlaw subgenre features career-best performances from Billy Curtis and Jerry Maren (of The Wizard of Oz fame), to boot!

Dir. Chris Christenberry, 1973, 16mm, 92 min.

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