Lili (Off-site at Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Print courtesy of UCLA

Most of us can imagine a splashy children’s movie before a sultry one, but 1953′s Lili is an enchanting betrothal of the two, brought together by dramatic vaudeville, heavy puppetry, magical realism and – lest we forget – Zsa Zsa Gabor. As unwitting coquette Lili (Leslie Caron) struggles with recent orphanhood, she is swept into employment at a womanizing magician’s “magnifique” carnival show, where her quest for identity is sometimes only understood by the puppets next door. Unfolding like Alice in Wonderland-in-Burlesque, this choreographed trip is sure to delight the senses of both kids and kids at heart. Join us to celebrate Charles Walters’s woefully unremembered classic at no better place than the Bob Baker Marionette Theater!

Dir. Charles Walter, 1953, 16mm, 81 min.

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