LFO (star Patrik Carlson in person, plus live set by G.E. Stinson!)

LFO star Patrik Carlson will be here at the Cinefamily for the show — plus, the screening is followed by a live set by guitar wizard/frequency manipulator G.E. Stinson, who’ll wave your brain and shock your cones with tones and drones from other dimensions! Our antennae immediately ping into the air whenever we come across any film that puts its focus on sound — and curiously enough, after 2010’s whimsical oddity Sound of Noise, Sweden has given us another cinematic gift of sonic strangeness in LFO, which answers the question: what would happen if a Dilbert type discovered the key to mind control? Robert, a solitary man who frequently secludes himself away from his disdainful wife and son, slaves away in his basement on harmless private experiments with audio frequencies — until the day when he stumbles upon a wavelength that gives him the Jedi-like power of suggestion over anyone he plays it for. And what he really wants most is to get to know his new neighbors. “The battle depicted in the film is almost entirely mental, a duel between cracked intellect and suppressed emotion. It makes the question personal: If you could control other people absolutely (without them knowing it), what would you do? Really? Think again. ‘LFO’ is a diabolical joy to watch.” (Peter Martin, Twitch)
Dir. Antonio Tublen, 2012, DCP, 94 min.

Watch the trailer for “LFO”!
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