Legally Blonde (10th Anniversary screening!)

A witty, hot pink girl-power opus, Legally Blonde wears its “chick flick” label as proudly on its sleeve as its heroine wears her Delta Nu pledge pin. Reese Witherspoon rules in her star-making turn as Elle Woods, a bright-eyed cross between Malibu Barbie and Justice Ginsberg. Blonde follows its Prada-clad queen as she determinedly trots through Harvard Law School, raising eyebrows and evolving from a ditzy, heartbroken sorority president into a go-for-blood-Jonnie-Cochran-esque defense attorney — with sound integrity and better hair. Dazzlingly playful and unapologetically addictive, this is the movie that comes on on a Saturday night while you’re getting ready, and makes sure that you never quite make it out of the house. Legally Blonde co-writers Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah will be here for a Q&A after the screening, accompanied by more special guests TBA!
Dir. Robert Luketic, 2001, 35mm, 96 min.