Laurel & Hardy Silent Shorts!

The most instantly recognizable, iconic and uproarious duo in silent film, this comic pair actually made only a few dozen shorts together for Hal Roach before they seamlessly transitioned into the talkie era, but virtually all of them are sparkling golden. One can point to the universality of their foibles as the root of their massive appeal, their birdbrained, dimwitted antics being a mirror of our own travails, but it was also the pace of their timing — a steady, patient waltz as opposed to the manic ragtime of most other slapstick — that elevated Laurel and Hardy’s already powerful comedy to genius level. This program is not only a total joy, but is your chance to witness the lightning-fast stylistic evolution of whom J.D. Salinger described as “two heaven-sent artists and men”.

Watch an excerpt from the Laurel and Hardy silent short “Do Detectives Think?”!
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