LAMVF 2015 Day 3 - Awards & 35mm Music Videos (+ Q&A w/ Sharon Oreck)

Our final event will commence with our awards ceremony! After winners are announced, we will screen a selection of 35MM music videos!

WINNERS SCREENING: See our freshly-minted award-winners one last time, altogether!

Then…Throw on your leg-warmers and tease up that hair, we’re taking it back to the early days of MTV with a one-of-a-kind screening to close out the festival…

Join producing legend Sharon Oreck as we take a walk down music video memory lane, with a secret lineup of iconic music videos all shot on gorgeous 35MM film. Q&A to follow.

It’s the 1980s. You can turn on MTV, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, knowing you’ll find a constant stream of music videos. It’s the 1990s. You’re up early on Saturday morning and just old enough to know that if you toggle between MTV and VHI, you can catch the new Britney Spears music video, instead of watching cartoons. These music videos—mini-movies where young filmmakers cut their teeth—were ambitious and big budget works of art, and plentiful. They were the internet before the internet—pure pop culture transmissions, accessible from the privacy of your home. Cinefamily has a secret for you… maybe, just maybe, some of those videos you enjoyed from the comfort of your couch were shot on FILM, despite being destined for lowly home television presentation, and since that bygone golden era have somehow survived. We searched private collections and archives world-wide to put together the rarest of programs, in what is perhaps the first-ever show of music videos entirely on irresistible 35MM! Come check out these gems on the big screen, many for the first and only time.