Ladies of the '80s: A Decade of Horror Directed by Women - Blood Diner (w/ Screenwriter Michael Sonye aka Dukey Flyswatter) & Spookies Double Feature!

Presented by HEAVY MIDNITES & Women of Cinefamily!

Prepare for a relentless assault on your eyeballs, with two cult trash brain-thrashers that’ll have you lose your lunch and pummel your mind into mush. ‘Cause Ladies of the ‘80s is going out with a BANG, saving the biggest, baddest lo-fi ragers for last, to lay waste to any argument that this wasn’t the best weekend ever!


First they greet you, then they eat you! Take a seat at Blood Diner, a hyperactive fast food gross out that packs more insanity into 88 minutes than most filmmakers muster in a thousand lifetimes. Director Jackie Kong knows that enough is never enough, piling on the goofs, gags and gore at a feverish pace, seizing every opportunity to push the limits of bad taste in pursuit of good times. Yep, this totally bonkers black comedy update of H.G. Lewis’ Blood Feast is overflowing with demented lunacy, talking brains, and topless aerobics, as two restaurateur brothers dismember body parts to prepare a bloody buffet for their cannibal goddess. So get ready to overdose on gruesome absurdity with one of the greatest splatstick flesh-fryers to have ever escaped the video store era!

Dir. Jackie Kong, 1987, 35mm, 88 min.


In one of the most convoluted production histories in all of psychotronic cinema (seriously, read The Dissolve’s5,000 word exposé), the film’s fickle financier sacked the original directors and their near-complete flick to bring in Troma veteran Genie Joseph to completely retool the movie. Ultimately cutting half the existing footage, restructuring what was left and then adding 40 minutes of newly shot insanity, Spookies is a wild experience, a nonsensical brain bomb that brings a raging party of kitchen-sink attitude and Fangoria FX while unleashing a dizzying array of oozing slime and monstrous beasties, hellish lizards, skeletal reapers, lust-crazed muck men, glowing brains and a full-scale spider woman transformation! It’s a mind-numbing blitz of on-the-spot ingenuity, they-can’t-do-that! continuity and jaw-dropping stupidity that turns a demonic game of hide-and-seek into a night of unrelenting terror. You’ve never experienced anything like it. UNTIL TONIGHT!

Dir. Genie Joseph, Thomas Doran and Brendan Faulkner, 1986, 35mm, 85 min.


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