La Collectionneuse: SHEITAN (w/ Actress Roxane Mesquida in person) + After Party w/ DJ Pop Noir!

Co-presented by the French Film & TV Office.

Lead actress Roxane Mesquida (Fat Girl, Sex Is Comedy, Kaboom) in person! After party with DJ set by Pop Noir.

Slack-jawed Parisian shoplifters think their sexy new acquaintance is leading them to her family’s remote and decaying rural estate for some reason other than to stalk and mutilate them—arousing the libido just long enough to cut it off with gardening shears—in this freakishly stylish creep-show, equal parts inbred horror and slacker comedy. Vincent Cassel is Satan incarnate, as a Gallic sheepherder with a deeply unsettling Cheshire cat grin, on this depraved spring-break-in-the-provinces. Expect disquieting juxtapositions of steamy foreplay with greasy shots of deli meat, unpleasant cutaways to satanic goats and canine genitalia, and an al Qaeda-themed rap video (seriously), plus plenty of surreal scares, captured by slick and often beautiful cinematography.

Dir. Kim Chapiron, 2006, Digibeta, 94 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!