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If American Pie is post-pubescent psych for dummies, then Claire Denis’ wistful, sexy, mysterious ode to the eroticism of pizza dough and “long french sticks” is like the teen food fetishist’s kamasutra. La Collectionneuse’s favorite film she’s screened thus far, this hits that off-kilter/emotionally disturbed/candy-colored mid-nineties sweet spot—think electric blue eyeshadow, cleavage at the pastry counter, and Vincent Gallo in the background ranting about how he’s “had enough of these fucking croissants.” It’s all poetry, though, with dreamy moods taking precedence over explanation as Denis plucks grace notes out of ape-ish Boni’s hyper-sexy/angry boy brain, juxtaposed with wispy Nenette, vagabond sister whose mission to lose her unborn kid awakens some kind of caveman paternity in her pizza-pounding brother. Set inside a beautiful portrait of Marseilles, a messy, smelly port city expressing itself poignantly as Denis telescopes into fantasies of skin, where estranged urban kids preside over alleys and odd jobs, dreaming of domesticity and fondling french rolls. You’ll never look at your coffee machine the same way…

Dir. Claire Denis, 1996, 35mm, 103 min.

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