“The grossest movie ever made.” –The Verge

“Those who walked out were completely right to do so… Kuso is destined to be legendary.” –The Film Stage

“I tried to warn folks.” –Flying Lotus

Get ready for Kuso, Steve Ellison aka Flying Lotus’ film debut, and the latest entry in midnight movie history – a challenging, perverse, free-jazz, body horror psycho-scape of epic and disgusting proportions. In a series of sketches featuring a cast of funkadelic freakazoids and comic maniacs – from George Clinton to Tim Heidecker and Hannibal Buress – and with animations by Newgrounds pioneer David Firth, Kuso is a visual feast – just a rotting, putrid, and otherworldly one that that would make Matthew Barney queasy. Only playing at midnight.

Dir. Flying Lotus, 2017, DCP, 105 min.

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