Klown (3/16, 10:15pm)

“The funniest movie of the year!” – IFC

In a giddy Scandinavian NC-17-flavored take on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Klown (based upon the popular long-running TV show of the same name) follows two wildly inappropriate friends (played by celebrated comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen) as they run amok through the Danish countryside plowing through social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries. Our odd-couple pals have opposing agendas for their upcoming camping trip: Frank kidnaps his nephew in a thick-headed attempt to prove his fatherhood potential, while Casper is determined to visit a mysterious world-renowned brothel as the final stop on his “Tour de Pussy.” As these jovially confrontational and consistently unpredictable Dogme-95-meets-the-Farrelly-Brothers plotlines collide, Klown will leave you hurting from nonstop laugh fits, and genuinely shocked by several denouements you’ll never have seen coming. Soon to be a household name amongst comedy fans across the country, this internationally acclaimed and award-winning saga of genial depravity has indieWIRE proudly proclaiming it “raunchy, fearless and awesome!”
Dir. Mikkel Nørgaard, 2010, HD presentation, 89 min.

Watch the “Pearl Necklace” scene from “Klown”!

Watch the “Finger” scene from “Klown”!