King of New York (rare 35mm print + editor Anthony Redman in person!)

Despite playing a snake of man, Christopher Walken delivers an unforgettable, charismatic performance, as a Robin Hood figure who uses his drug kingpin money to pay for a downtrodden hospital in the south Bronx in Abel Ferrara’s overlooked 1990 gem. With “Rembrandted out” cinematography (Ferrara’s words), an exceptional screenplay from Nicholas St. John (Ms. 45, Body Snatchers), and singularly idiosyncratic performances from David Caruso, Larry Fishburne, Steve Buscemi, and Victor Argo as the film’s lone moral compass, King of New York is a manic, unpredictable beast of American exploitation cinema. Come melt your brain with this rare 35mm screening chock-full of absurdities and Ferrara staples–a briefcase full of tampons, twisted and perverse catholicism, and a drive-by cop shooting at a police funeral–so extreme that Ferrara’s own wife walked out of the premiere.

Dir. Abel Ferrara, 1990, 35mm (Courtesy of Park Circus UK), 103 min.