Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary Film About A Band Called KARP (L.A. premiere, director in person!)

Co-presented by and Don’t Knock The Rock

The Pacific Northwest in the ‘90s was ground zero for an exhilarating underground music explosion, but far from the Seattle nexus laid the fertile mirror half of the equation: Olympia, WA — home to legendary groups like Bikini Kill, Unwound, Beat Happening, and one of the heaviest, craziest, most underrated and downright fucking amazing bands of the entire era, Karp (which included bassist Jared Warren, currently of the Melvins.) This is no hyperbole: Karp was on the level of Nirvana when it came to merging hardcore crunch with incredible pop hooks, and could’ve easily been on their way to achieving the same success, had the band not come to a premature end in 1998. For the first time, the true story of Karp is told in Kill All Redneck Pricks…, which features tons of rare performance footage, as well as interviews with Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), Justin Trosper (Unwound), Calvin Johnson (K Records), Joe Preston (Melvins), members of Tight Bros From Way Back When and tons more. Get ready to bow down to the pure majesty of what will rapidly become your new favorite band. Director Bill Badgley will be here at the Cinefamily for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Bill Badgley, 2011, HD presentation, 83 min.

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