Kid-Thing (9/26)

“Like ‘Days of Heaven’ on paint fumes” – William Gross, The Hit List

“If Harmony Korine and David Gordon Green collaborated on a children’s film, the result might look something like this” – Film Society of Lincoln Center

“Spearheaded by phenomenal pint-sized lead Sydney Aguirre, this challenging [film] from the Zellner Brothers retains much of their provocative trademark idiocy but navigates darker waters.” – Ronnie Scheib, Variety

We all have a bit of the latchkey kid in us, whether we experiment in the kitchen with bizarre leftovers, or procrastinate on deep stuff with a battery of YouTube viewing — but nothing will prepare you for the most out-there latchkey kid of your life in Kid-Thing, the daring new comedy from Austin, TX auteurs The Zellner Brothers. Playing the titular lost 10-year-old soul with a brilliantly zoned-out ferality, Sydney Aguirre navigates an existential, near-parentless small-town existence replete with dangerous highway pranks, stealing from the local convenience store, upending other kids’ birthday parties and other wanton destruction to alleviate her crushing boredom — until she’s confronted with the suddenly adult conundrum of helping an old woman who’s fallen down a well (voiced by the late Susan Tyrrell, in her final screen role.) Through a haze of subjective surrealism and the Zellners’ trademark bone-dry humor, Kid-Thing emerges as a sweetly melancholy, pre-pubescent fever dream you won’t soon shake from your noggin.
Kid-Thing Dir. David Zellner, 2012, digital presentation, 83 min.

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