Kevin Pollak presents "The In-Laws"

Some may know Kevin from his wildly successful Internet show, “The Kevin Pollak Chat Show,” but many stand-up fans still recall watching a young Kevin on “The Tonight Show”, as he rolled out his incredible impressions while an amazed Johnny Carson rocked with laughter — and of course, cinephiles are familiar with Kevin’s notable turns in dozens of films (Avalon, The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men, The Whole Nine Yards, Cop Out, etc.) Kevin’s impressions are so sharp that he once left a prank voicemail on Alan Arkin’s answering machine that a confused Arkin thought he’d left for himself — and it is one of Arkin’s classics that Kevin is presenting here at the festival: The In-Laws. The affable Arkin plays a middle-class dentist who slowly gets sucked into a deadly world-wide counterfeiting conspiracy, and Peter Falk is Vince, a man who is certifiable, or a CIA agent…or maybe both. It’s a dangerous world of giant baby-stealing flies, ventriloquist dictators, and an airfield in Scranton. Kevin Pollak will be here at the Cinefamily to perform, as well as introduce the film, and participate in a Q&A afterwards!
Dir. Arthur Hiller, 1979, 103 min.

Watch the trailer for “The In-Laws”!
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