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“A film whose every moment is the product of a nervous gamble, a young person’s search for a reason for being, and thus a beguiling mirror of its heroine’s journey.” – José Teodoro, Cinema Scope

A meandering portrait of several young girls, Gastón Solnicki’s Kékszakállú is a beautifully ephemeral palette of color and tones. In the intensely creative world of independent Argentine filmmaking, Solnicki occupies a unique place. A trained musician, he has jumped from films about music composition and performance (Süden) to reformulating his own family’s home movies (Papirosen) to this latest, a Bluebeard inspired, impressionistic coming-of-age nonpareil. It’s a mesmerizing string of photographically and architecturally inspired set pieces, held together by a soundtrack blasting with Bela Bartok’s electrifying opera, “Bluebeard’s Castle.” Kékszakállú (“Bluebeard” in Hungarian) isn’t about the notoriously bloodthirsty character, but rather the drama of young women’s departure from childhood. Narrative conceit aside, Kékszakállú is heavy with the allure of adolescence and gracefully matter-of-fact in regards to its accompanying losses.

Dir. Gastón Solnicki, 2016, DCP, 72 min.