Kamikaze '89

A blindsiding exercise in pure aesthetics, this once-lost ‘80s curio–newly restored on 35mm!–delivers the eyecandy of a leopard-besuited Rainer Werner Fassbinder in his final acting role before his untimely death at the age of 37. As excessive as the seismic German auteur was in his career and personal life, Kamikaze ‘89 promises shades of Blade Runner and Liquid Sky (what exactly was up in 1982?), all set to an organic, instrumental score from Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese. It’s Godard’s mysterious, sci-fi-infused trickery of Alphaville meets the fantastical exorbitance of Cannon Group’s The Apple, as directed by Fassbinder’s friend Wolf Gremm. What’s happening here? It kind of doesn’t matter in this dystopian, Orwellian futurescape that we’d sooner immerse ourselves in than really try to parse.

Dir. Wolf Gremm, 1982, DCP Restoration, 106 min.

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