Julieta (encore!)

Almodóvar’s latest is yet another testament to his unwavering commitment to familial drama, the inner lives of women, and suspense in the Hitchcockian sense. With the elegance typical of his later work, he weaves together three stories by Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro, swapping the original chilly Canadian landscapes for the bright reds and mediterranean blues of Spain, of course. By way of a Hitchcock blonde – played by two women – an 80s story and a contemporary one unfold, and Almodóvar reminds us that while the Summer of Love was in 1969, the late-blooming Spain ushered in its own sexual revolution in the post-Franco 80s. Come for the salacious rendezvous on a train, stay for excellent performances from the film’s leading ladies.

Dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 2016, DCP, 99 min.

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