FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS presents Juan of the Dead (sneak preview, director in person!)

Special Thursday night show presented by Friday Night Frights!!

Fifty years after the Cuban Revolution, a brand-new hostile takeover is taking place, but these rebels only want one thing: to chomp your flesh. Welcome to the very first independent film to emerge from Castro’s World in half a century! Our hero Juan is a shiftless procrastinator, but knows an opportunity to make a quick buck when he sees one — so when Havana is overrun with zombies, Juan bands his friends together to form a ragtag “cleaning service” militia, ridding households of unwanted, undead loved ones. Much like Romero’s late-‘70s gold standard in satirizing modern culture through zombification, Juan of the Dead takes every opportunity to hilariously skewer the everyday ins-and-outs of Cuban society, from the government classifying the putrid hordes as “dissidents”, to public transport that still runs regardless of the bloody carnage. And, it’s gloriously splatterific from top to bottom — would we have it any other way? Director Alejandro Brugués will be here in person for a Q&A after the film, moderated by Josh Miller and Sebastian O’Brien of Cinefamily’s Friday Night Frights!
Dir. Alejandro Brugués, 2011, 35mm, 92 min.

Watch the trailer for “Juan of the Dead’!
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