John Dies At The End (co-stars Chase Williamson & Rob Mayes in person!)

“Big jokes, big gags, big setpieces, big monsters and bigger-than-life characters cram their way into every crevice of the 90-minute screen time, as if the world was about to end and this was their last chance.” — Alex Koehne, Twitch

If a horror flick that’s a cross between Buckaroo Banzai, Donnie Darko and Scott Pilgrim floats your boat — or if you just want to see the always-brilliant Paul Giamatti curse like a sailor, then you may have just found your new favorite midnight movie. Director Don Coscarelli (the demented mind behind Phantasm, The Beastmaster and Bubba Ho-Tep) brings his idiosyncratic style to the mind-bending novel by’s David Wong, and the results are a hilarious, clever, and frequently grotesque head trip. The tone’s set by the opening scene: a hypothetical logic problem involving a murder, a poorly-made axe, a giant insect, and a vengeful zombie. John Dies At The End then winds its crazy way through phantom doorways, a new drug that causes people to spontaneously explode, alien body snatchers, alternate realities, heroic dogs, a self-help guru/exorcist (Clancy Brown), a dogged cop (Glynn Turman), and David’s best friend: the titular and possibly doomed John. Totally fun stuff. Schedule permitting, co-stars Chase Williamson & Rob Mayes will be here in person for a Q&A after the film!
Dir. Don Coscarelli, 2012, digital presentation, 99 min.

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