Dark Thoughts by Joe Frank: "Old Man"

“Producing the most brilliant, groundbreaking and undefinable radio drama/comedy/art around, [Joe Frank’s] results were stunning, irresistible and discomforting — surreal juxtapositions of the bizarre and the ordinary, the autobiographical and the absurd, the hilarious and the horrific.” — LA Weekly

“I’ve always thought of my programs as prayers. They may not seem that way, but to me they’re my conversation with whatever you want to call it about the condition that exists here, spiritually and physically.” — Joe Frank

For two decades straight, Peabody Award-winning Joe Frank burned as brightly as humanly possible in the realm of radio drama, wearing the multiple hats of performer/writer/producer — but to call what Frank does simply “radio drama” is misleading, for “radio confessions”, “radio nightmares” and “radio nirvana” are all equally as accurate. Employing staged (or sometimes real?) phone conversations, tempestuous one-act blackouts, serpentine short stories and hyper-stylized monologues with equal measure, Frank’s noir-ish aural universe is unmatched anywhere in the world, and is highly addictive to boot. Tonight, Frank’s formerly disembodied voice finds a corporeal home at the Cinefamily, as he performs his brand-new, dark-hued work “Old Man” live on our stage, accompanied by musicians Danny Frankel & David Ralicke, and dancer Carolina Cerisola. Come revel in it with us.

Watch the Joe Frank short “Memories”!