Jeu De Massacre + Erotissimo

Jeu De Massacre – 8:00pm
WOOSH! Swaths of garish color cut across the screen like a lysergic rainbow just as The Alan Brown Set smash out a title-card tune catchier than a catcher’s mitt. You’re about to be swept into a jazzy world caught between a comic book and the French countryside! Mon œil — it’s Jeu De Massacre (aka The Killing Game)! Loaded with sex appeal, groovy digs and that deliciously dry French wit, Alain Jessua’s second feature is a fabulous time that makes fun of life in every sense of the phrase. Pierre, a handsome comic-strip writer, and his artistic wife are invited to vacation in Neuchâtel, Switzerland by their biggest fan, an impossibly eccentric man-child who spends the better part of his days piloting remote control planes, ogling strippers and spending gobs of inheritance money. However, Pierre and his seductive wife are quick to capitalize on their host’s outlandish nature, turning him into a suave, pop-art, comic book criminal — a fantasy Bob is all too willing to embrace in reality. As fun and creative as they come, the film will make you exit the theater a little hipper and with a few French wise cracks that’ll keep you on the cusp of cool…for a little while at least! C’est la vie au le Cinefamily!
Dir. Alain Jessua, 1967, digital presentation, 90 min.

Erotissimo – 9:45pm-ish
Erotissimo’s Pop Art ingredients don’t just pop — they positively explode across the screen in a mirthful tumble of all the coolest and most colorful elements the height of Sixties cinema has to offer. This playful satire of the advertising age (directed by Gerard Pires, who, in addition to making both art films and action flicks, helmed hundreds of commercial spots himself) focuses on a married woman (Annie Girardot) who tries to spice up the sex life between her and her distracted husband while under a deluge of sexy movies, sexy ads on the streets, sexy consumer products, sexy intimate clothing and sex talks with her mother and female friends. Using a Hard Day’s Night-like template of silly episodic tomfoolery as a launching point, Erotissimo is a moment-by-moment, scene-by-scene feast of a film, and is a non-stop parade of eye-popping modern fashion, architecture, whirlwind proto-music video editing and a spectacular psych-funk soundtrack by William Sheller rich with thick, hip-shaking basslines.
Dir. Gérard Pirès, 1969, digital presentation, 100 min.

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