Jerry Beck's Cartoon Afternoons: Cartoon Head-Trip!

Cinefamily’s resident cartoon historian Jerry Beck lets it all hang out, in the first of his all-new series of monthly animation matinees. This inaugural show features a collection of the trippiest animation in cartoon history, as classic toon dudes from Porky Pig to Popeye enter strange new worlds, see spaced-out sights, and smoke some seriously wacky weed (no joke — we have an Andy Panda cartoon called Wacky Weed)! You won’t need any prescriptions to inhale these hallucinations — so just sit back, relax and let the sunshine in. Munchies will be on sale at the candy counter, but the good stuff will be on screen in rare 16mm and 35mm prints (some in psychedelic Technicolor, even.) Tune In, Turn On, Admit One!

Watch Bugs Bunny in “Rabbit Habit”!
YouTube Preview Image