JEAN HARLOW PJ Party wrap-up!

Our Pajama Party programmer Suki weighs in below on how much fun January’s PJ Party edition was!

The swish of satin was almost audible over the swingin’ 1920s tunes, as doors opened on the latest Cinefama Pajama Party, Jean Harlow-style, featuring Bombshell.  Groups of ladies (and a smattering of gents in off-kilter wigs and ill-fitting dresses!) gathered in the theater while our super-sexy man models from Gloria Ferrer Champagne served up glasses of bubbly. It’s always exciting and nerve-wracking to present a film to an audience that has mostly never seen it before. I know that I love Jean Harlow’s performance in Bombshell (she’s strong, brassy, blonde and mouthy!), and we were thrilled to find that this room full of young modern women loved her as much as I do!

We were so thrilled to present Bombshell in this context, in a 35mm print, with the help from our friends over at the Warner Archive. From a woman’s perspective, this film has a slightly odd tone: it centers on bombshell starlet Lola Banks, along with the friends, family and assistants who rely on her successful career for their bread and butter. When she decides she wants out of the business, they need to do everything they can to trick her into continuing. Essentially, they’re gaslighting her: manipulating her by way of trickery to gain their desired results. SPOILER ALERT: the film ends with their success in this endeavor! As a modern woman, it feels odd to be rooting for Lola the whole movie, waiting for her to stand up for herself and get her life in order the way she wants it….only to have her… not. She continues being the cash cow to her entourage, and the film goes as far as to say they have convinced her that she WANTS that. That said, Bombshell is chock full of one-liners and physical comedy! It’s so much fun, and our PJ partygoers really yucked it up. I think the line that got the biggest laugh was “Your hair is like a field of daisies — I want to run barefoot through your hair!”


After the film, it was party time. We were so thrilled to have Stephanie G and Jeanne out on the patio doing pin curl makeovers and ’20s-style makeup — and our buddies from Snap Yourself were also in attendance to document the makeovers and merriment. And the champagne was flowin’!

I can’t wait to announce our next Cinefama Pajama Party, but in the meantime, to tie yourselves over, you should join us on February 11th for one of our “Seven Days of Valentines” events, as we party ’til dawn with our Grunge-Tastic ’90s Party, featuring Cameron Crowe’s Singles!