Jay Duplass's "Kevin" (L.A. premiere!) + Rare Music Documentary Shorts!

In the early ‘90s in Austin, Texas, musician Kevin Gant was the de facto hero of Mark and Jay Duplass, the filmmaking brothers who later went on to direct indie favorites like The Puffy Chair and Baghead. The Duplasses reveled in Kevin’s exploratory musical style and playful spirituality, which strikes one as part folk, part alternative, and a tad New Age — all in all, uniquely “Kevin”. But in 1995, Kevin mysteriously disappeared. Jay Duplass’ documentary debut explores who Kevin is, how he lost his inspiration and his journey back to his creative source. The film is followed by a Q&A with director Jay Duplass, producer Josh Polon; as well, Kevin Gant will be in attendance to perform a short set!
Kevin   Dir. Jay Duplass, 2010, HDCAM, 36 min.

The Luthier
Classical guitarist and luthier (guitar builder) Jack Sanders crafts a one-of-a-kind instrument while discussing the finer details of guitar building. Director Benjamin Hoste in attendance!

Frank Farfield
A 25 year-old old-time musician from L.A., Frank Farfield plays to the timeless beat of eccentricity. But this is NOT an act. His unique world-view on the natural state of things includes playing songs “that have existed forever” with complete authority and collecting old 78s from around the world. A man out of time — just in time.

Watch our trailer for “Kevin”!