Jackass Number Two

Jean-Luc Godard wrote of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Wrong Man, “the subject of this film lies less in the unexpectedness of events than in their probability.” He might as well have been writing on the opening scene in Jackass Number Two – in which Chris Pontius slips a mouse costume over his genitals, then feeds it through a glory hole into a snake-filled tank. Or when Bam Margera sketches a stunt involving Wee Man jumping off a bridge whilst tied to Preston Lacy with a bungee cord. Or even when Steve-O runs a fish hook through his cheek and dives into shark-infested waters. Though the gross-out factor puts Jackass Number Two closer to De Palma than Hitch, this sequel’s true modus operandi is to up the ante Gremlins 2 or Magic Mike XXL-style; it’s ruthlessly funny, expertly paced, and so uncompromising in its vision of reckless asininity that it approaches an almost pure cinema.

Dir. Jeff Tremaine, 2006, 35mm, 92 min.